We expect these 7 features of the Pixel 7 on older Pixels

We expect these 7 features of the Pixel 7 on older Pixels

Calling without distracting background noise, spatial audio and improvements to the Quick Overview widget. These are some of the functions that have been proposed with the Pixel 7, which we will soon also expect on older Pixel phones in the Netherlands and Belgium.

7 Pixel 7 Features

The Made by Google event is over and we’ve now heard all about the Pixel 7 series, the Pixel Watch and an upcoming tablet. Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come with a package of new features, and as usual, these are being rolled out to Google’s older phones afterwards. This is done through Pixel Feature Drops, and PhoneArena know more about which features are rolling out to older Pixels.

First up is Clear Calling, a feature that reduces background noise when you make a call. This novelty works thanks to the phone’s Tensor chipset and it will therefore probably only work on the Pixel 6 series. In addition, we know that Google is working on an extension for the Quick Sentences Assistant. Those are commands to Google that you give without saying “Hey Google”.

Guided Frame, Real Tone, Quick Overview and more

Also interesting is the accessibility feature Guided Frame. Visually impaired people receive guidance when they take a photo, and in the camera app you hear a voice telling you how to hold your phone to frame the subject. That also works with selfies. Google is also going to improve Real Tone for the Pixel 6 series. The phones can then take more realistic photos of dark-skinned photos, as well as with Night and Portrait modes.

Google will also make spatial audio for the Pixel Buds Pro available for its older phones. That is sound that seems to come from multiple directions. In addition, the Quick Overview widget will show more information. Finally, there will be improvements for the Recorder app, but as we wrote, not all novelties immediately work in Dutch. The next Pixel Feature Drop is expected in December. All phones up to and including the Pixel 4a can count on improvements.

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