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There is a new feature in Google Docs to easily add watermarks. Until recently, you had to place a separate text box for this and adjust all kinds of settings. If you want to add a watermark, you can now do this via the Insert menu.

Sign in to your Google account and open the document you want to watermark on. From the Google Docs menu bar, select Insert and choose Watermark† You can also just type the @ symbol and in the menu that appears the function Watermark Selecting.

Then in the right sidebar you will see the options to control the content and shape of the watermark. This sidebar consists of two tabs. The first tab is used to insert an image as a watermark, the second tab is to place a text watermark.

The new watermark feature is in the Insert menu.

Add text

In the tab Text type the text that will appear as a watermark below the content. By default, Google Docs will select a font size that spreads the text neatly across the full width of the page layout, but you can also manually adjust the font size. You can even choose the font and style (underlined, italics, bold).

This watermark will appear on every page of the document, not just the first page. You can use the watermark both Horizontal if Diagonal place. If you adjust the controller Transparency set to zero, the watermark text always appears in soft gray below the content. The more you increase the transparency, the less visible the watermark becomes.

The watermark text is soft gray and you can select a different font.

Add image

Instead of a text watermark, you can also add an image, for example a logo, as a watermark. You can put an image in the box Select image drag or select an image you have on your Google Drive or in Google Photos. It is also possible to search for an image via Google or select an internet image from here. In the latter case you must enter the internet address of the image.

It is of course the easiest to upload an image that is somewhere on the hard disk. The image is always placed horizontally, but you can scale it. There is also an option to blur the image, but that function often produces an unreliable result.

You cannot place a watermark diagonally based on an image.

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