Apple Watch Ultra 3 delayed until 2025: here’s what’s going on

Are you waiting for the Apple Watch Ultra 3? Then unfortunately there is bad news: the greatly improved model will have to wait another year. This is why.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 postponed until 2025

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 was announced in September, and it wasn’t exactly the most impressive upgrade. A slightly brighter screen, a faster chip, and… that’s basically it. The really big upgrade would follow in 2024 with the Apple Watch Ultra 3, but that now appears to be disappointing.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 delayed until 2025: here’s what’s going on

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there are no signals that production of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is being prepared. If there are no major developments before December, the chance that the Watch will be released in 2024 is minimal.

What’s going wrong?

According to Kuo, the problem lies with two major innovations in the new Apple Watch: new health sensors and a larger 2.1-inch screen. The sensors, which are probably intended for monitoring your blood pressure, require additional development time. And the larger screen uses a new micro-LED technology that still causes some production problems.

Apple Watch ultra 2

The innovations will probably have to wait another year, but they will be worth the wait. Micro-LED makes the screen more economical, brighter, sharper and has better color reproduction. And the blood pressure sensor warns you if your blood pressure is elevated. By knowing when to take action, you can prevent serious consequences.

Apple Watch in 2024?

Delaying the Apple Watch Ultra 3 does not mean that we will not get any new Watch models in 2024. In fact, there will probably be two: the Apple Watch Series Then subscribe to our newsletter!

And don’t you feel like waiting until 2025 for the Apple Watch Ultra 3? Then these are the best prices for the Ultra 2:

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