Kawasaki Benelux extends warranty to 4 years

If you are in the running for a new Kawasaki, we have good news for you. From December 1, you will receive a 4-year warranty on every new registered Kawasaki road motorcycle, without mileage limits.

When registered in the Benelux, every new Kawasaki road motorcycle, from the Z125 to the Ninja H2 SX SE, will automatically receive a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty from December 1, and that’s not all. In addition, the Kawasaki Road Assistance (roadside assistance) is also automatically extended for free to 4 years.

Are the preconditions met? The only condition is that the motorcycle must have been delivered by Kawasaki Benelux to one of the official Kawasaki dealers, that’s all. Oh, and that maintenance is done at the Kawasaki dealer, but that is also only logical.

The four-year warranty consists of a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a two-year extended warranty from Kawasaki Benelux. This warranty extension corresponds to the benefits previously covered by K-Care WarrantyPlus. K-Care WarrantyPlus was an additional service from Kawasaki, which will now be integrated free of charge into the 4-year warranty.

The 4-year warranty also applies to commercial users of the motorcycles, such as driving schools. To be eligible for the warranty and Kawasaki Road Assistance, maintenance work must be carried out at the official Kawasaki dealer.

Theo Kruythof, Sales Manager Kawasaki Benelux:

“This step is very important for us, because Kawasaki stands for quality and certainty. With a 4-year warranty and 4-year Road Assistance, we emphasize the high quality and high reliability of our existing engines and those of our new innovative HEV and EV models. This means that Kawasaki fans can enjoy their Kawasaki to the fullest for the next 4 years without any worries.”

Isn’t there any catch? Well, one thing: the warranty extension does not apply to Kawasaki accessories, even if they were supplied on a new edition or special model. The warranty on accessories is 24 months. Furthermore, damage due to age or use is excluded and motorcycles used for racing purposes are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty extension – as before.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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