Kawasaki recalls ZX-4RR: spark plugs possibly damaged

Kawasaki has rolled out a recall for the new ZX-4RR. The spark plugs may have been damaged during installation, causing the engine to idle irregularly and possibly even stall while driving.

In December 2023, Kawasaki Motors Ltd (KML) received a report from its Chinese distributor (KMSH) about several units of the ZX-4RR exhibiting irregular idling. KMSH suspected that the problem was caused by the spark plugs, and KML’s quality department immediately started an investigation.

A month later, Kawasaki received a message from the supplier, who reported that the spark plugs had broken due to an external force, after which the assembly process was scrutinized. KML discovered that the spark plug installation tool tipped during installation, causing a lateral force to be applied to the spark plugs and causing them to break.

KML did further research into the effect of the damaged spark plugs on the engine running and discovered not only the irregular idle running, but also that the engine could stall. A recall was rolled out on March 21, 2024.

All four spark plugs will now be replaced at the Kawasaki dealer. In the event that the spark plugs have already been replaced and costs have been charged for this, these costs will be reimbursed.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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