Large cities expect significantly more parking revenues in 2024

96 million more

Parking Amsterdam (ANP)

Parking remains a great source of income for the larger Dutch cities. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht expect significantly more parking income by 2024 than last year.

In total, the four major cities would expect to receive €752 million in parking fees in 2024, reports De Telegraaf. That would be €96 million or 14.6 percent more than in 2023. The four largest cities will therefore take a significant bite out of the total increase in parking revenues, which will amount to €130 million for 2024, according to the CBS website. Amsterdam is of course the largest of the four when it comes to parking fees collected and is counting on an increase in parking revenues of €39.4 million, Rotterdam follows with €37.3 million and Utrecht settles for ‘only’ €14. 2 million.

In addition to parking fees, more and more money is also coming in through so-called ‘additional charges’, or parking fines. In Amsterdam alone, 574,400 additional assessments were issued last year, compared to 338,694 in Utrecht. The invention of the scanning car has enormously increased the number of additional assessments, the telegraph reports. Scan cars ‘scan’ all license plates with cameras placed all around and thus quickly detect violations. The (significant) expansion of the number of paid parking zones is cited as an important cause for the increase in parking fees themselves.

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