If you are looking for a nice, high-quality design for a smartwatch, then the Huawei Watch GT 4 is recommended.

Aad Munsterman. Ernst Roelofs and Rob Coenraads

Huawei 1

Huawei has a new series of smart stainless steel GT 4 watches consisting of 4 models with a business or rugged look and 46mm diameter and 3 models with a luxuriously elegant look (41mm diameter). In addition to a new, more fashionable design, many improvements have been made, as shown by the light gold 41mm version we tested. By the way: all watches are compatible with Android and iOS.

The screen is 1.32 inches and, like its bigger brother, has 466 x 466 pixels. The dial, thousands and also as Always On Display, can be adjusted and created to your own taste. Data is exchanged with your phone and the Huawei Health app via Bluetooth. The 41mm variant has a battery that lasts up to 7 days, a world of difference compared to other watches. With intensive use and with Always on the useful life is shorter. The water resistance is 5 ATM and therefore also suitable for swimming, while the IP rating is 68. NFC, microphone, speaker and many sensors including speed, gyroscope, magneto, optical heart, barometer and temperature are integrated. Finally, there are many areas for improvement that optimize the quality of measurement and display via a restyled Health app.

Our model is comfortable to wear and easy to operate via the rotating Home push button at the top right and the Side push button at the bottom right. This gives you a view of the dial and then the available apps. You can set all kinds of things, perform exercises, track calories, monitor breathing during sleep and much more that we can’t describe. It works quickly and the results generated look good.

The appearance of this series of watches is unique, there is a lot of functionality, the measurements have been improved and the battery life is great. If you are looking for a nice, high-quality design for a smartwatch, then this watch is recommended.


Huawei Watch GT4

3 and half stars

Recommended retail price: 8 TB (€ 519.99), 4 TB (€ 279.99) and 2 TB (€ 149.99)

* high storage capacity
* compact sturdy SSD

* limited transfer speed
* rubber housing attracts dust