This way you get your Google Play notifications back

Google recently decided that you will get less Google Play notifications. The download store always left a message when an app was (automatically) updated while your phone or tablet was charging. Those notifications no longer appear on the screen. Did you find that useful? Then we have a great app for you: AppNotify.

We favor two things: clarity and tidy phone screens. Those things don’t always go hand in hand, since applications are only too happy to get attention. Usually with a good cause, so that you are aware of the most recent changes. But Google Play, the digital Android store, can make it all the way with all the notifications when you charge your phone. That is why Google has decided that those messages will no longer appear in the image of your smartphone, during and after charging your device. This keeps your screen neat and tidy.

That is nice and nice, but this is now at the expense of clarity. Because by removing those notifications, you can no longer see that an app has been updated. So you do not know whether you already have access to new functions and you can no longer quickly find out whether an app has broken due to a recently released update. App developer Braden Farmer has thought of that. He brought AppNotify from. This is an app that can get the Google Play notifications back for the people who prefer a messier screen, but have clarity.

Get Google Play notifications back

Once you have installed the app – you get it from Google Play – you immediately see that it functions like the download store used to do. All updated applications appear in a silent notification (silent as in: your sound for notifications does not ring), so you can see what your phone has been up to after charging. In addition to apps that you update via Google Play, you will also see which apps you have updated outside the Store. Now it is not always useful to download apps outside of Google Play, but power users know it is advisable. And for them, this option is probably extremely valuable in the context of overview.

Furthermore, it is cool to know that the app is 100 percent free to use. There are no ads and you don’t have to donate money. So if you miss your Google Play notifications, this is the app that you should put on your Android as soon as possible.



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