Why Spotify makes playlists for your pets

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Whether you have a dog, cat or hamster, it doesn’t matter. Spotify can create a playlist for almost all your pets.

To create a playlist for your pet, go to pets.byspotify.com. Choose the pet for which the playlist is intended and then answer some questions. Is your dog or cat relaxed or very energetic? Friendly or shy? Curious or indifferent? A playlist is then created based on your choices. In addition, Spotify also takes your own taste into account: your listening history is directly linked to your pet’s profile.

This prevents the taste of your pet and your preferences from going too far apart. No metal for your cat if you normally never listen to it. The Swedish streaming service even comes with various podcasts for your dogs, to keep them company when you’re not there.

By telling more about your pet, Spotify can create a special playlist.

Way to distinguish

The idea behind the pet playlist seems to have been born primarily of Spotify’s desire to stand out. The offer of Apple Music and Spotify does not differ much by now and the competition between the two streaming services is therefore fierce.

Spotify has already put itself in the spotlight by offering listeners a complete overview of their listening behavior over the past year and even over the past ten years. There was eager use of it, while the lack of an annual review at Apple Music among many was not appreciated.

The pet playlist also seems to be a success so far: media from countries around the world have already written about it.

What does the future hold?

Spotify sits on a mountain of user data and it will come as no surprise if the streaming service monetises this information in the near future in an effort to differentiate itself. Perhaps the streaming service will throw itself into the world of virtual reality and we will now see the musical visuals of the Spotify app in 360 degrees through VR glasses. Various great artists, think of Gorillaz, have already released VR music videos. Holograms are also possible. Maybe Spotify succeeds in making the biggest hit of all time based on listening data, a song that will appeal to listeners worldwide.

vr music video
Various artists, including Gorillaz, are experimenting with VR music videos.

For the time being, this is all future music. It is clear, however, that Spotify is still going the long way. Halfway through June last year, Apple Music had “only” 60 million paying customers against 170 million from Spotify. Now it’s Apple’s turn to think outside the box.


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