‘Biden is putting on the brakes on the EV transition under pressure from manufacturers’

Milder requirements

Cadillac Lyriq

In the United States, the transition to more electric cars may be a bit slower than planned. President Biden appears to be agreeing to less strict emission requirements than he initially wanted.

In the European Union, all new cars must be emission-free by 2035 and some European countries have even decided that this should happen sooner. Things are going a little slower in the United States. There, the Biden administration initially planned to tighten emissions requirements so that in practice, around 60 percent of newly produced cars must be fully electric by 2030. Smoother than here, but it would not be flexible enough for local car manufacturers, dealers and the UAW union.

Under pressure from those three, Biden is now planning to agree to milder demands, it is reported Reuters. It is not yet entirely clear how mild exactly. In any case, it would mean that the target 60 percent by 2030 will no longer be achieved. Car manufacturers argue that production costs and therefore costs for consumers will remain relatively high for too long and that the charging infrastructure also makes the original goal unrealistic. So it looks like Biden is going along with this. The fact that there will be elections later this year could of course play a role in this. Biden has the UAW union and many of its members by his side for the time being and undoubtedly wants to keep it that way.

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