‘Cheap electric Volkswagen on a Twingo basis will not be available’

Negotiations broke down

Renault Twingo Volkswagen

Volkswagen was interested in a cheap electric model that shares its technical basis with the new Renault Twingo planned for 2026. Had, indeed. He’s not going to get there.

At the end of last year, Renault managed to get its act together with its preview of the next fully electric generation of the Twingo. The electric vision of the future, packed with retro design, also made an impression in Wolfsburg. Shortly after the unveiling of the preview of the new Twingo, it was announced via the German Handelsblatt that Volkswagen was sitting down with Renault. It was interested in an electric A-segment car based on the Twingo. Luca de Meo – CEO of Renault Group – confirmed at the time that ‘good discussions’ had taken place and Renault was open to collaborations. Forget it all. A small, cheap electric Volkswagen based on the Renault Twingo does not seem to be coming.

At least, if we can believe the normally well-established Autonews. Based on two unspecified sources, it writes that Volkswagen has stopped discussions with Renault. There would be no more negotiations between the two brands. This means that Volkswagen will probably have to develop its already announced electric city car ‘ID1’ itself. Volkswagen’s plans to launch a smaller and cheaper EV under the yet-to-be-revealed ID2 are still on the table. It is not known why the two manufacturers failed to reach an agreement after months of negotiations.

Both the Renault Twingo and the Volkswagen ‘ID1’ should have a starting price of less than €20,000. Production start of the Renault Twingo is planned for 2026. It is not yet known when Volkswagen will launch an electric city car.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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