From now on up to 442 hp for compact electric Volvos

34 hp added

Volvo EC40 and XC40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40

Volvo EC40 and EX40

The electric Volvo XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge are now called EX40 and EC40. The Volvo EX40 and EC40 immediately benefit from a technical innovation. The powerful Twin Motor versions can be made even stronger.

Volvo’s electric crossovers, now called EX40 and EC40, were already available in three power variants before their name change and remain available in a wide range of versions. In fact, the Volvo EX40 and EC40 can now be made even stronger. Volvo has devised a Performance package for the Twin Motor versions with two electric motors that together produce 408 hp.

The Performance software package adds 34 hp to the system power, which means that the Volvo EX40 and EC40 will now produce 442 hp for an additional charge. It doesn’t stop at extra power. The pair with the Performance addition respond more directly to input from the power pedal and receive a new Performance-named driving mode. Do you already have a C40 TwinMotor or electric XC40 Twin Motor from the previous model year? Don’t worry, you can also order the Performance package.

More news for the EX40 and EC40? Certainly. Volvo introduces the pair of jet black Black Editions. They are painted Onys Black, have logos finished in black, black 20-inch wheels and a dark interior. The XC40 – the brother of the EX40 with combustion engines – will also be available as a Black Edition.

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