Petrol price to lowest point since excise duty increase

Sigh of relief at the pump

Fill up with petrol at a petrol station (ANP)

You may have already noticed: the price of petrol has fallen further recently and has now reached the lowest point since the beginning of July.

Anyone who now fills up with petrol (E10) will again encounter prices of around €1.85 per liter in various places. The more expensive pumps now cost you around €2 per liter and the Average National Recommended Retail Price (usually only approached by highway pumps) now stands at €2.09 per litre. The latter amount is the guideline for the state of prices and the amount has not been this low since the beginning of July, according to reports Then an excise tax increase was implemented. Prices are not yet as low as just before that increase.

Moreover, not only petrol drivers have noticed that prices have fallen, the diesel price also fell to the lowest point in months. The recommended retail price now stands at €1.92 per liter and that point was last reached in August. Locally, a liter of diesel costs less than €1.70. The reason why prices have fallen so much is partly due to the cooling global economy and declining Chinese exports. Furthermore, there are now fewer concerns about the consequences of the unrest in the Middle East for the availability of oil than about two months ago.

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