Renault Symbioz: Captur with a larger size from around 36 grand

€155 per extra centimeter

Renault Symbioz

Is the Renault Captur too small for you, but the Austral too big for you? No problem, because from now on you can go to Renault dealers for an intermediate size: the Symbioz. The brand new Renault Symbioz always has a hybrid powertrain and is available from over €36,000.

The Renault Mégane Estate is no longer granted a long life and since the introduction of the current generation Clio, Renault no longer offers a Clio Estate. Those who want more luggage space than the Captur offers, but who find the Austral too large, can still go to Renault. This brand recently pulled the curtain off the Symbioz. The Renault Symbioz is a Captur with a larger size. It is 4.41 meters long, which makes it 18 centimeters longer than a Captur, but also 10 centimeters shorter than the Austral. At 2.64 meters, the wheelbase is the same as that of the Captur, with the result that the Symbioz has a significantly larger rear overhang. This in turn results in a significantly larger luggage compartment. The Symbioz swallows 624 liters without the rear seat folded down, while the Captur is stuck at 487 liters. Of course, you have to pay more for that extra space.

The Renault Symbioz has a starting price of €36,490. The Captur is available from €28,690, but you cannot compare those prices. The Symbioz always has the 145 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid 145 drivetrain, while the starting price of the Captur applies to a copy with a TCe 90 petrol engine. The Captur is also available with 145 hp hybrid hardware. As an Evolution, it costs at least €31,990, but even then we cannot compare the prices yet. The starting price of the Renault Symbioz E-Tech Full Hybrid 145 applies to the Techno version. A hybrid Captur in that version costs €33,690. In other words: for the extra luggage space that the Symbioz provides, you have to bring an extra €2,800 to the Renault dealer compared to a similarly motorized and equipped Captur. So you pay €155.55 per extra centimeter.

Of course, the Techno version is not the only flavor in which Renault supplies the Symbioz. It is also available as an Esprit Alpine and costs €38,690 in that configuration. Above this is the top version, called Iconic, for which Renault asks €40,390.

Prices Renault Symbioz

Drive Assets Performance From price
E-Tech Full Hybrid 145 145 hp Techno €36,490
E-Tech Full Hybrid 145 145 hp Esprit Alpine €38,690
E-Tech Full Hybrid 145 145 hp Iconic €40,390

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