Renewed Ferrari Portofino on the way

Ferrari has been tested with a wrapped Portofino, and that can only mean one thing: there is a sharpened version in the barrel.

The Ferrari Portofino presented in 2017 took over from the California T, Ferrari’s convertible with a steel folding roof and a V8 in the nose. Although the Portofino is certainly not yet an old model, Maranello is already busy testing a facelifted Portofino.

Where Ferrari leaves the rear of the Portofino untouched, it is the front where the big changes take place. The entry-level Ferrari gets a redesigned front bumper, a flatter and an ostensibly pointed grill on the sides. But there’s more. The headlights seem to be completely new, copies that show strong similarities with the viewers of the Ferrari Roma.

Ferrari Roma

The Portofino currently has a 600 hp 3.9-liter V8 in its muzzle. That eight-cylinder, equipped with two turbochargers, probably delivers several tens of horsepower after the modernization round. We expect a market launch next year. The predecessor of the Portofino was born as California and went through life as California T after his facelift. It is not yet known what the upgraded Portofino will be called.

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