The future of Fiat: new model every year for the next three years!

New Panda coming in July

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Fiat Concept City Car

Last year Fiat launched the 600 and this year the brand is finally launching a completely new and electric Panda. But there are many more new models in the pipeline. Fiat will introduce a new model every year for the next three years, and this does not only include EVs.

Fiat gives a general idea of ​​what will happen in the coming years. That turns out to be a lot. In the coming years, the brand will launch a new model on the market every year. This includes electric cars, but – depending on the market – also models that will soon be available with hybrid powertrains or only with combustion engines. Fiat’s view of the future is not only textual. The Italians immediately launched five digital study models, concept cars that, according to the brand, are all inspired by the Fiat Panda.

Fiat Panda Patent

The patent plates that possibly showed the new Fiat Panda.

Fiat says it will launch an all-new model in July this year. That will almost certainly be the new Panda. This will be a technical sister model of the Citroën (ë-) C3 and, like that hatchback, will be available on the market with electric powertrains and mild-hybrid powertrains. The digital study models that Fiat releases include a model called Concept City Car. According to Fiat, this is ‘a kind of mega-Panda’ whose appearance is inspired, among other things, by the iconic Lingotto factory in Turin with an oval test track on the roof. According to Fiat, this oval shape is reflected in the seats, dashboard and displays of the Concept City Car.

Is the Concept City Car a hint at the new Panda? That could be. The new Panda will also be a size larger than the old model, which will be available alongside the new one until at least 2026. It is striking, however, that the Concept City Car looks almost nothing like the new small Fiat on the patent plates that we recently surfaced. It is quite possible that the Concept City Car is a hint at a new model above the Panda.

A new one every year

After the launch of the new Panda, the brand says it will introduce a new model every year until 2027. This does not mean that we should expect a new Fiat in Europe every year. For example, the brand emphatically states that, depending on the market, it offers new models with electric and hybrid powertrains, but also with only combustion engines. The Concept Pick Up is among Fiat’s new virtual study models. That Pick-up (photos 2 to 5) is a futuristic preview of what a future pick-up for, for example, the South American market – where the Fiat Strada is not available – could be.

Fiat Concept Pickup

A foretaste of the Fiat that could one day replace the Strada.

The Fastback Concept (photos 6 and 7) that Fiat serves us digitally also seems to be an imaginative hint at a new model for the South American market. In Brazil, among others, Fiat sells a model literally called Fastback. But is it? Not quite. According to Fiat, the Concept Fastback looks ahead to a new model that could act as a successor to both the Strada and Tipo. That model should be marketed not only in South America, but also in the Middle East, Africa and – according to Fiat – ‘even in Europe’.

Fiat Concept SUV

Fiat SUV Concept.

More fun comes in the form of the ‘Concept SUV’ (photos 8 and 9). According to Fiat, the SUV is a ‘giga Panda’ that should primarily cater to families. The last study model is called ‘Camper’ and is a true leisure car (photos 10 and 11). According to Fiat, all new models will be on a new platform, but the question remains which one that will be. The Panda, which will be released in July, will be a technical brother of the Citroën (ë-) C3 and will therefore be on the same Smart Car Platform. This would mean that that basis – which is indeed suitable for EVs and models with combustion engines – will also be included under all other future Fiats. This suggests that these cars are also marketed relatively cheaply, as the Smart Car Platform is slightly cheaper than the CMP alternative.

We wait. Which of these visions of the future do you think is the most successful?

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