Using Google Calendar on PC


Never forget an appointment again with Google’s handy calendar.

Google Calendar is a continuous calendar where you keep track of all your appointments and use birthdays. Create multiple calendars if necessary. For example, you can create a calendar where you store all birthdays and a separate calendar for your volunteer work. Each calendar has its own color. This way you can see at a glance what you are dealing with. If you have several devices in addition to the PC, such as a smartphone or tablet, you have access to your agenda everywhere. In this article, we’ll discuss Google Calendar on PC.

    Open Google Calendar like this:

    • surf to Google Calendar.
    • Sign in with your Google account if you need to.
    • The calendar opens automatically.

    Google’s calendar is easy to use. Put an appointment in the agenda like this:

    • Click on a date and time in the calendar to schedule an appointment.
    • If necessary, first go to another month via the arrows at the top left.
    • Enter your appointment at ‘Add title’.
    • click on Save.

    Do you want to enter detailed information with the appointment (such as a place), or adjust the time? You have the following options:

    • Click on your scheduled appointment in the calendar.
    • Click on a pencil icon Edit event in Google Calendar.
    • In the first text box you can change the title of the appointment.
    • Change the day of the appointment if necessary. To do this, click on the set date and select another day.
    • Click on the set times and change the start and end time. Is the time of the appointment not important or? Then put a check in front Entire day.
    • Do you want to make a repeating appointment? click on Not repeated and then on your choice.
    • click on Add location and enter where the appointment will take place.
    • It is useful to get a reminder for every appointment. By default, this is set to thirty minutes, but you can also receive the reminder earlier or later. Enter behind ‘Notification’ how far in advance you would like to receive a reminder.
    • Color your appointment. This way you can give important appointments a different color than less important appointments.
    • You can add additional information under ‘Add description’.
    • Finally click Save. You will then automatically return to the overview.

    By default you see the agenda in a weekly overview. Adjust this by clicking the drop-down menu at the top right next to the gear. For example, click on Month if you prefer to see an overview of the entire month. Furthermore, the week in the agenda starts on Sunday. If you prefer Monday as the starting day, do the following:

    • Click on the gear at the top right > Institutions.
    • Under ‘Show options’, click Start week on.
    • click on Monday. The setting is saved automatically.

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