Vladimir Putin gives Kim Jong-un a state limo as a gift

‘As a token of the special relationship’

Vladimir Putin's state limousine cortege

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a car as a gift. According to the AP news agency, the gift is intended as a token of appreciation for ‘the special relationship’ that the two leaders maintain with each other.

It is not known exactly which car it concerns, according to the AP news agency. However, it is unlikely that the Russian leader gave his North Korean companion a Lada Granta, Vesta, Niva or Largus as a gift. It is very likely that Kim Jong-un was able to add a car from the Russian Aurus to his fleet.

Aurus is a Russian car manufacturer that supplied the state limousine called Korzeh to take Putin from A to B. The NOS writes that it is the same car as Putin’s presidential car. That would mean it is a Korzeh. For those who have a lower or even no place in the Kremlin, Aurus offers, among other things, the Senat. That top sedan was later joined by MPV Arsenal and a convertible version of the Senat. Aurus also has a large SUV on the menu: the Komendant.

Pictured: the Aurus Korzeh

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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